Intro to DIY Syntheseis and the Rad-Fi System

Here you’ll find all the info related to The Rad-Fi System and DIY synthesis in general.

Intro to DIY synthesis – Getting started making your own nosie creations.
Analog guide – Learn about how the analog portions of the Rad-Fi kits work and design your own oscillators.
Arduino guide – Info on the digital part of the circuits and how to hack them.
How to use a breadboard

Rad-Fi Product Page

Rad-Fi Glitch Delay – BLR02

Instructions – How to assemble the Glitch Delay
Part List

Rad-Fi Patchable Synth – BLR03

Instructions – How to assemble the Patchable Synth
Part List

Bonus chips

The extra analog chips in the pre-order bundle include a 4040, 4051, 4070, and 4069.
Hackaday’s logic noise series has some great tutorials on how to use these, as does our analog guide.