Intro to DIY Syntheseis and the Rad-Fi System

Here you’ll find all the info related to The Rad-Fi System and DIY synthesis in general.

Intro to DIY synthesis – Getting started making your own nosie creations.
Analog guide – Learn about how the analog portions of the Rad-Fi kits work and design your own oscillators.
Arduino guide – Info on the digital part of the circuits and how to hack them.
How to use a breadboard

Rad-Fi Product Page– No longer in production
Join the Facebook user group to share your Rad-fi creations.
You can also find Bleep Labs on twitter and Instagram.

Rad-Fi Delay 1.5 (2020)

All info on github.

Rad-Fi Glitch Delay – BLR02 (2015)

Instructions – How to assemble the Glitch Delay
Part List

Rad-Fi Patchable Synth – BLR03 (2015)

Instructions – How to assemble the Patchable Synth
Part List

The following breadboard kits were designed for “Austin Week” In Angers, France.

Simple light controlled analog noise maker

English instructions 
Instructions en Français
Schematics – BasicMod 1Mod 2

Synth Seq Patchable analog synthesizer with digital sequencer
This kit combines a simple version of an analog voltage controlled oscillator that you might find in a modular synth along with with a digital, Arduino powered sequencer. The result is a synthesizer that allows you to patch different modulation sources and expand on your own.
Make sure of the pinout of your 78l05 before building this. In these instructiosn the output is pin 3 while others might differ.
English instructions
Instructions en français