Austin Community Colledge 

John-Mike is currently instructing courses on modular synthesis and Ableton Live / MIDI as well as one-on-one synthesis lessons in the Music Business, Technology, and Performance department. 



Switched On is a synthesizer dream space, storefront, repair spa, and online retailer of music electronics in Austin, Texas. 

We offer regular “Intro to Synthesizers for musicians” workshops as well as session on modular synths. New classes will be added in the summer of 2018.
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Dadageek offers project-focused classes in tech art. 

John-Mike has taught classes on getting into Arduino as an
artistic tool, using it to create synthesizers and more.
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Educational Devices and Past Workshops

Angers, France Austin Week – Patcahble Analog+digital synth and more.

The Rad Fi System – Arduino based delay and synthezier in a flexible breadboard platform with extensive guides on getting started with analog and Arduino circuits

ACC Batlab kit – Analog breadboard kit designed for a residency at Austin Community College

Noise1 – Mirco breadboard phototheremin designed for young makers

Handmade Music Austin – Workshop series started by Dr. Bleep and other Austin noise manufactureers


All Bleep Labs devices are open source. See the individual devices pages or our github for more info.