John-Mike Reed aka Dr. Bleep has been designing and manufacturing synthesizers in Austin, TX since 2006

His first product, the Thingamagoop was designed with the help of Goopymart who had the brilliant idea of putting a face on Dr. Bleep’s weird noise boxes.
Since then John-Mike has designed and produced all kinds of noise and light gizmos, collaborated with fantastic musicians, and taught workshops on DIY electronic art and more.

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Family  portrait, late 2012

Selected CV & Bleep Labs timeline


Design and constrution of a 20’x20’x10′ LED matrix for Hopsotch

Design and constrution assistance for The Angry Cloud also at Hopsotch

Austin Community Colledge spring session courses taught- “MIDI 1 (Intro to Ableton Live)”, “Modular synthesis” and the new “Audio Electronics” course which I designed.


Workshops for new breadboard kits at “Austin Week” in Angers, France.

Austin Community Colledge courses taught – “MIDI 1 (Intro to Ableton Live)” and “Modular synthesis”

Dadageek “Designing Synthesizers with Arduino” winter sessions

ACC mini Rad Fi #2 workshop

Interactive drum machine game for Smart/Mercedes Benz during SXSW


dadageek “Intro to Arduino for artists” spring and fall sessions

ACC batlab residency – Workshop series and talk

Live visuals for Daedelus’s Austin shows

SXSW Smart house – Interactive lighting design and fabrication and space and S U R V I V E performance


Dadageek fall and spring sessions of “Intro to Arduino for artists” and spring session of “Designing Synthesizers with Arduino”

Blanton Museum “Soundspace – Inside/Out” installation. More info

NMASS video installation “3 lines”

Moogfest talk – “Designing and manufacturing analog & digital on a small scale”

Thingamagoop 3000 released

SXSW create booth and analog video synthesis installation

“Resident Maker” at The Thinkery children’s museum Space 8


Dadageek fall session of “Making light and sound with Arduino”

NMASSVideo flyer, info TVs, and interactive video installation. 

CotFG commission – Original device and performance at the Blanton. More info

Maker Faire San Mateo booth

Delaydelus released

Rad-fi System released


Rad-fi delay workshops at NMASS and Switched On

Thingamagoop 2X released

3trinsRGB+1c released

Moogfest talk – “”Embracing the constraints of DIY electronic music”

The Contemporary Austin – Children’s noise maker workshop “NOISE1

Designed and produced Netflix Cloud Prize awards


NMASS Bleep Drum workshop 

Bleep Drum released

Jon Spencer Blues Exploder released

Dam Drum 3 released


Dam drum 1 & 2

Freelance Whales album The Astralark Home Planetarium.

Free Press Summer Fest installation. More

Maker Faire San Mateo talk- “Making noise and music with analog and digital”

SXSW create booth

HSS3jb by Gieskes released


PAL198x released

HSS3i by Gieskes released

Handmade Music Austin at the UTVAC

KUT Handmade Music Austin appearance


Bit Blob 2 and Bit Blob Jr released 

Handmade Music Austin series

Talk and performance at OFFF Paris

Thingamagoop 2 RGB released

Designed and produced SXSW film and interactive award devices

Dorkbot talk and performance

Pico Paso released

Nebulophone released


Thingamagoop 2 released

Handmade Music Austin begins

MGfest – Noise instrument installation

Designed and produced awards for Sourceforge

Bent festival 2009 performance

SXSW 2009 dorkbot & makemusic talkmusic event


Bit Blob released

East Austin Studio Tour open studio

Austin Maker Faire booth

Decibel festival booth

Threadless contest

Thingamakit released

PotLuckCon booth and panel on circuit bending



Bent festival performance


The first Bleep Labs product, the Original Thingamagoop, released


Galley lombardi “Electricity and Me

Various circuit bent and very simple DIY devices –