The Rad-Fi System

Breadboard based Glitch Delay and Patchable MIDI Synth kits.

No longer in production
If you’d like to build these circuits all the code and schematics are here.



rad-fi glitch delay



You can find all the instructions and guides for the Rad-Fi kits here.

Why can’t I buy this?
Bleep Labs is not currently producing any devices, sorry. Sign up for our mailing list to get updates on future devices.

What is the power regulator? Why is it needed?

Most circuits need a specific, stable voltage to operate and is usually the first point of failure in a circuit. It it’s hooked up incorrectly it can damage itself and the circuit it’s attached to.
The Rad-Fi power regulator removes this issue and makes it easy to start making noise.
It takes 9V batteries and standard 9V “wall wart” power supplies used in musical gear, neither of which are included.

Do I need an Arduino programmer?
No, the chips are pre-programmed and ready to go but can easily reprogram the chips with an Arduino UNO.

Is it / why isn’t it an Arduino shield?
Both the Delay and Patchable Synth contain an ATMEGA328 running the Arduino bootloader. Instead of having a dedicated shield the devices are all on the breadboard so they can be infinitely modified and made into something completely new.

Where can I get those potentiometers?
We made those from simple PCBs we designed so they aren’t available anymore.

Email us with any questions.