My next online class “Intro to Arduino for Artists” starts June 29th. Sign up by this coming Monday the 21st to get your gear in time for the first session.
Here I’ve got another version of my magnetic pendulum gizmo. Two hall sensors detecting when the magnet passes over them in one direction. When this happens one of two oscillators will go up and down a random scale and maybe change the delay time.
All these parts and more come with the class! Check out all the info here and see more gizmos I’ve made using the kit on instagram. You can see the code from all my previous dadageek classes on github


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Bleep Drum run #2

The first batch has sold out but I’m taking orders for a second, limited run of 70 units, this time with the option for a fully assembled device. Orders will ship sometime in August. Order yours now.

20% of profits go to charitable organizations. For the rest of June it will be Voix Noire, and The Trans Justice Funding Project

The Bleep Drum kit is back!

Preorder your own easy to assemble rad-fi drum kit now for $10 off and get it in June.
Ships with everything you need, including the chip programmed with the current, improved code.
Order here

Limited quantity of Bleep Drums available to ship now

Who wants a Bleep Drum? Now with a click track and improved code. Half of sales go to the Central Texas Food Bank. $50 + $10 priority shipping. Only 10 units are available here.

For the past 6 years I’ve had a dozen of these sitting in a box due to a small PCB error I didn’t discover until after we built them. I’ve been getting a lot of emails about my old stuff lately so I thought it was time to fix these up, improve the code, and get them making noise for a good purpose.

I’ll be posting info on how to modify any Bleep Drum to accept trigger signals next week.

Rad-Fi Delay 1.5

The Rad-Fi Delay 1.5 is a simple update on the original rad-fi effect you can build with off the shelf parts.
Find all the info to make your own here.