DIY digital synth class at Dadageek

I’ll be teaching another session at dadageek in their great new space starting April 2nd.
Get all the details here

Here are a few great projects by students of my previous classes.

The Delaydelus 2

Our modular friendly follow up to the original sampler/delay instrument is here and available to pre-order.

Hall effect + magnetic pendulum experiments

Just a quick experiment using magnetic sensors to control a Teensy synth and send midi
More info on my github.


Construction and Design for Hopscotch

Hopscotch, a new experiential art installation group in Austin, approached me with a loose plan to to construct a matrix of the strands of LED balls you can find on ebay or alibaba.

You can check it out in Austin until March 31st 2019.

Animated by Dom Davis with a new quadraphonic audio piece by Malika Boudissa. Construction assistance from Vinh Ngo.
Technical details on how I made custom controllers to turn artnet into LEDs here.

I also helped The Angry Cloud construct a 10’ tall, multilayered, scream controlled, LED angry cloud.

See the Hopscotch instagram for more.


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For @letshopscotch I also helped @theangrycloud make a 10’ tall, multilayered, scream controlled, LED angry cloud

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