Construction and Design for Hopscotch

Hopscotch, a new experiential art installation group in Austin, approached me with a loose plan to to construct a matrix of the strands of LED balls you can find on ebay or alibaba.

You can check it out in Austin until March 31st 2019.

Animated by Dom Davis with a new quadraphonic audio piece by Malika Boudissa. Construction assistance from Vinh Ngo.
Technical details on how I made custom controllers to turn artnet into LEDs here.

I also helped The Angry Cloud construct a 10’ tall, multilayered, scream controlled, LED angry cloud.

See the Hopscotch instagram for more.


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For @letshopscotch I also helped @theangrycloud make a 10’ tall, multilayered, scream controlled, LED angry cloud

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Bleep Labs in France / Rad-Fi Seq Synth workshop at Switched On Oct 14th

I had an opportunity to do some DIY synth workshops in Angers, France, the sister city of Austin, Texas during their Austin Week festival. 
For these workshops, I designed two new breadboard kits. One was a simple 40106 photocell based noise maker I have done many versions of which was intended for makers of all ages. The other was a new device using a 4046 VCO, 4040 divider, and an Attiny84 programmed using Arduino.

I’ll be having a workshop for this new Rad-Fi Seq Synth Sunday, October 14th at Switched On. You can purchase a ticket to the event hereUpdate- This session is full but we’ll be having more in the future. 

Here is all the info on both of the Austin week workshop kits including schematics and instructions in French and English.

Most probably I’ll be offering a version of this kit online soon. More devices are also in the works as well so stay tuned for more info. You can follow Bleep Labs on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or for best results, via our mailing list.


ACC BatLab

Recently I was invited to do a few days of workshops as well as a talk at Austin Community College’s new campus.

I designed a simple, analog breadboard synth for it you can check out here.
Here’s the video of my talk where I discuss how I got into making devices and what things I’ve learned from 10 years of Bleep Labs.


Retailer stock update

You can still get Bleep Labs devices from our retailers but they are almost all gone. I’ve updated the retailer stock list here. We will not be producing any of these devices again.

There is still a Delaydelus at and a two Thingamagoop 2 RGBs
and a Bit Blob 2 at!

New Workshop Series

I’ll be teaching a new workshop series for Dadageek starting next week.

The classes are designed to be an absolute beginners guide to making light and sound with analog and Arduino.
It will be once a week for 6 weeks with a final exhibition of what you create. The price is $250 and includes the materials, Arduino, bread board, components etc, that you get to keep!

Here’s a couple examples of devices I put together to show what can be done with your own circuits, not to mention all the other things I’ve created over the years….

More info here.

Oh and for those who are curious, Bleep Labs isn’t going anywhere.
I’ll be doing some other projects, such as this workshop series and won’t be making any new devices for a bit. More on this soon..

Moving sale

Bleep Labs is having a moving sale at our current location this Saturday, Sept 3rd.
If you’re in the market for piles of electronic components, vintage whatsists, tools, office whatevers and who knows what else come by!

Full details.