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The Sensory Coupler allows you to easily convert touch, proximity, light, magnetic fields, motion, and more into CV and gate.


  • Built-in touch contact and 1/8″ TRS jack sensor interface. Other sensors and devices like expression pedals can be easily added. DIY info coming soon.
  • Calibration mode. Sensors produce different readings in different environments, the Sensory Coupler calibrates them to utilize the entire 0-10V CV output range.  
  • CV output based on calibrated or raw sensor data. 0-10V.  
  • Two gate outputs. Work based on an adjustable threshold level. When the sensor reading is above or inside the threshold, GATE will output 12V while !GATE will be 0V and vice versa.  
  • Smoothing modes. Sensor readings can be chaotic when you might not want them to be so there are two smoothing modes. One simply averages readings to create slow rises and falls while the other acts like an envelope follower with adjustable decay.  
  • Large LED strip display. Visualizes the sensor reading, threshold, smoothing mode and more.  
  • USB MIDI standalone mode. The Sensory Coupler can work without modular +-12V power, getting power with the built in USB-C connector and sending and receiving MIDI notes and CC. In USB mode gate outputs work at 4V instead of 12V but CV out is disabled.  


  • Phototransistor / light sensor
  • Hall effect / magnetic sensor
  • Accelerometer / motion sensor
  • Gooseneck 1/8″ TRS cable. Easy to bend and stays in place. 
  • 2M 1/8″ TRS cable. Has a higher gauge than a regular 1/8″ modular cable, allowing for sensors to be connected at a distance without introducing noise. 
  • 50mm long alligator clip wire for touch sensor
  • Donut magnet

6 hp, 32mm deep
+12V 150mA
5V 0mA
-12V 12 mA