Angers, France is the sister city of Austin, Texas, the home of Bleep Labs.
For Austin Week, a yearly festival celebrating the cultural exchange between the two cities, Dr. Bleep made two new breadboard synths for some all-ages workshops. More info at

Instructions translated to Fench by Wilfred Thierry.

Introduction to Breadboards 
English instructions 
Instructions en Français

Simple light controlled analog synthesizer

The Noise 1 kit is a simple synthesizer made of three oscillators that can be controlled with light.
English instructions 
Instructions en Français
Schematics – Basic, Mod 1, Mod 2

Synth Seq Patchable analog synthesizer with digital sequencer
This kit combines a simple version of an analog voltage controlled oscillator that you might find in a modular synth along with with a digital, Arduino powered sequencer. The result is a synthesizer that allows you to patch different modulation sources and expand on your own.
Attention! Make sure of the pinout of your 78l05 before building this. In these instructiosn the output is pin 3 while others might differ. 

English instructions
Instructions en français

Bleep Labs DIY synth guide

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