Rad Fi System – Arduino guide

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Arduino hacking

This guide will get you started modifying the Arduino code in the Rad-Fi kits.
If you’re just getting started with Arduino check out their guide.

You will need some experience with programming to get into the code but some modifications are as simple as changing one value and seeing what happens.
See the Code for each Rad-Fi device for info on modifying it.

Also check out the code for the Bleep Drum and Nebulophone for more Arduino synthesis examples.

Other Arduino audio projects:
Theremin as a Capacitive Sensing Device
Mozzi sound synthesis library for Arduino


You can program the ATMEGA328 right on the breadboard with an UNO board with the chip removed.
Ground from UNO to breadboard ground (the blue horizontal line)
Reset fro UNO to the first pin of the 328, RST.
0 (RX) and 1 (TX) from the UNO to RX and TX on the 328

Your UNO probably won’t look as beat up as this one

RX is also MIDI. If you have the MIDI wire attached on the Patchable Synth it won’t be able to program.

You can also power the breadboard with the UNO by removing the breadboard power supply and hooking “5v” from the UNO to the red power row.
This will be a bit noisier and is fine most of the time.