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Thingamagoop 3000 update

The stickers and PCB are almost ready! Just need to order one last test of each and it’ll be off to assembly.

The last revision of the board works and sounds great but the controls need to be moved around slightly so we need to do one more prototype.
The stickers have been a surprising amount of trouble but after 6 proofs we’ve finally got the colors we’ve been after.

By the end of the month we’ll have the final images online so you can pick your color combos!

This shouldn’t put us too far behind the original schedule as most of the work is machining enclosures in house and that can begin next week.


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Delaydelus at retailers

A limited number of Delaydelus’ (Delaydeli?) are now available from these retailers in the US:
Control Voltagem, Portland
Perfect Circuit Audio, Burbank
CONTROL, Brooklyn
Foxtone, Minneapolis
The Moog Store, Asheville
Switched On, Austin

It will soon also be in stock in Sweden at JAM and Umbrella Company in Japan

After they are gone form the stores they are gone. There won’t be another run but Daedelus and I might have something new next year…
Thanks to everyone who ordered for making the Delaydelus a success!


The Delaydelus


Daedelus + Bleep Labs = The Delaydelus
Limited edition now available for preorder.

The Rad-Fi System is here

Update: The Rad-Fi System is now shipping!

Pre-order the Rad-Fi Glitch Delay and Patchable MIDI Synth.



We’re over the preorder hump for the 3TrinsRGB+1c! Orders are now shipping in 2-3 weeks.

Here’s our in-depth video tour of all the functions of the 3Trins. There’s more info in the user guide.
You can post video creations or questions in the Facebook group.

Rad-Fi ? -update

The Rad-Fi System is here.

Rough schematic

The new video synth by Gieskes

It’s been a long time in the making but It’ll be worth the wait.

The 3TrinsRGB1c is coming Mid-September. Videos and more info soon.

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The Thingamagoop 2x


The Thingamagoop 2x is here.

The Rad-Fi Delay +


The next Bleep Labs summer workshop is this Sunday, July 13th 7 PM at Switched On.

The workshop series is based on combining simple analog and digital circuits to form new creations. Rather than soldering the components together, the Rad-Fi is breadboard-based, allowing it to be easy for a beginner to make noise and for an expert to modify.

The Rad-Fi + is a lo-fi, Arduino-based digital delay that is great at making textural feedback drones and loops as well as short, flangy resonances. It can take input from the light controlled analog oscillators included in the workshop or any external audio source.
Modulation of the sample rate and freeze with the analog oscillators is also possible as seen in the video.

This series is for all ages and experience levels. All workshops are stand alone.
Workshop price includes all materials so you’ll be taking home your own breadboard synth!

Sign up here.

The last workshop filled up quickly so be sure to purchase a seat beforehand.

The Rad-Fi System 001

There’s a new Bleep Labs / Handmade Music Austin workshop! The Rad-Fi System 001.

Build it at NMASS Saturday, June 14th at 1:30. Dr. Bleep will be performing with it and other Bleep Labs devices, modular synth, and glitched video that evening.

The workshop is $30, all materials included. Email to reserve a seat. No NMASS ticket is required but it is encouraged as there’s a lot of great performances happening thursday to saturday!

This solder-free, breadboard kit is based around 3 analog, light-controlled oscillators that interact with each other. They then pass through a lo-fi, Arduino-based digital delay.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to NMASS, we’ll be offering this kit and more online soon…..

This is is the first device in a new workshop series for Bleep Labs, so stay tuned for more events and noises. You can follow us at, on Twitter, Facebook, or our email newslette.