The Bit Blob 2 & Bit Blob Jr.

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The Bit Blobs are designed by Dr. Bleep and The Loud Objects (Kunal Gupta and Tristan Perich). By connecting their pins together, you are able to explore a huge range of evolving drones and noise loops.

Bit Blob 2

– 1/8″ output dongle included.
– Internal speaker.
– Pulse width control.
– Handmade Noise friend

Bit Blob Jr

On sale!
– Same sounds and controls as the Bit Blob 2.
– Internal speaker.
– 1/8″ output jack.
– Available as a kit or assembled noise synth.
Instructions with photos of every step, making it easy for beginners to assemble.

Original Bit Blob chip

Use this chip with your Bit Blob 2 or Jr for all the sounds of the original Bit Blob (pulse width control not compatible).
More info on the different chips as well as modification guides in the Blob FAQ.

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Bit Blob rev2 by Dr. Bleep

Bit Blob rev2 – 2 by Dr. Bleep