Bit Blob Jr Mods

That’s what it does?

What is the Difference between the original and new blobs?
The code for the new blobs was completely rewritten but still works by connecting pins together.

-Sound is rhythmic and more phrase based. If someone made a broken robotic Thelonious Monk.
-Outputs and LEDs can be connect between any two pins.
-No Pulse width control.

New (Bit Blob 2 and Jr):
-Sound is more droney but still with melodic elements. Think circuit bent Terry Riley.
-Dedicated pins for output and LEDs
-Pulse width control.

So I can pop the chips out of the original, 2 and Jr and mix them up and they will all work?
Yes. All chips will work in all devices but pulse width control only works with new chips in new blobs.

Is it open source?
Yes. Code will be posted soon. Here are the schematics.

Is it Ardunio based?
No, it was programed in AVR C by The Loud Objects.

Bleep Labs friend Andy Hendrix made a great enclosure for his Jr using a standard plastic project box and banana plugs. He found that potentiometers could be used between the patch points to change the sound.