The Pico Paso

Light controlled analog noise machine with two triangle wave oscillators and square wave LFO.

The Pico Paso was available from 2010-2016
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Schematics | Instructions | PCB layout

The Pico Paso is an analog, light controlled, stepped tone noise synthesizer designed by Dr. Bleep.

It’s based on the concept of the Atari Punk synth, aka Forrest Mims’ stepped tone generator, but uses two triangle wave oscillators that can be combined or used separately. A wave shaper and square wave LFO are used to increase the aural ridiculousness.

It is offered built or as a kit that is great for beginners. If you have never soldered before, check out our soldereing 101 page. See the detailed instructions here.


How do you listen to it?
The Pico Paso has a 1/4″ mono output designed to be plugged it into any mixer, amp, USB interface, etc. Headphones will not work.

What are the SQU1 and 2 pads between the buttons for?
These are the square wave outputs of the main oscillators, allowing makers to use these signals along with the triangle waves. See the schematics for more info.