I had an opportunity to do some DIY synth workshops in Angers, France, the sister city of Austin, Texas during their Austin Week festival. 
For these workshops, I designed two new breadboard kits. One was a simple 40106 photocell based noise maker I have done many versions of which was intended for makers of all ages. The other was a new device using a 4046 VCO, 4040 divider, and an Attiny84 programmed using Arduino.

I’ll be having a workshop for this new Rad-Fi Seq Synth Sunday, October 14th at Switched On. You can purchase a ticket to the event hereUpdate- This session is full but we’ll be having more in the future. 

Here is all the info on both of the Austin week workshop kits including schematics and instructions in French and English.

Most probably I’ll be offering a version of this kit online soon. More devices are also in the works as well so stay tuned for more info. You can follow Bleep Labs on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or for best results, via our mailing list.