The next Bleep Labs summer workshop is this Sunday, July 13th 7 PM at Switched On.

The workshop series is based on combining simple analog and digital circuits to form new creations. Rather than soldering the components together, the Rad-Fi is breadboard-based, allowing it to be easy for a beginner to make noise and for an expert to modify.

The Rad-Fi + is a lo-fi, Arduino-based digital delay that is great at making textural feedback drones and loops as well as short, flangy resonances. It can take input from the light controlled analog oscillators included in the workshop or any external audio source.
Modulation of the sample rate and freeze with the analog oscillators is also possible as seen in the video.

This series is for all ages and experience levels. All workshops are stand alone.
Workshop price includes all materials so you’ll be taking home your own breadboard synth!

Sign up here.

The last workshop filled up quickly so be sure to purchase a seat beforehand.