There’s a new Bleep Labs / Handmade Music Austin workshop! The Rad-Fi System 001.

Build it at NMASS Saturday, June 14th at 1:30. Dr. Bleep will be performing with it and other Bleep Labs devices, modular synth, and glitched video that evening.

The workshop is $30, all materials included. Email to reserve a seat. No NMASS ticket is required but it is encouraged as there’s a lot of great performances happening thursday to saturday!

This solder-free, breadboard kit is based around 3 analog, light-controlled oscillators that interact with each other. They then pass through a lo-fi, Arduino-based digital delay.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to NMASS, we’ll be offering this kit and more online soon…..

This is is the first device in a new workshop series for Bleep Labs, so stay tuned for more events and noises. You can follow us at, on Twitter, Facebook, or our email newslette.