The Jon Spencer Blues Exploder

The Blues Exploder was made for the release of Jon Spencer’s Album, Meat and Bone in 2013.

You can finds the code, schematics and design files here.

– Eight loops from the album.
– Theremin
– Bit crush, glitch, and distortion effect.
– External input with ringmod effect controlled by theremin.

User guide:

Left knob – Effects
When it’s at 12:00 effects are off
On the right side bit crush is activated and controlled
On the left it’s glitch repeat

Right knob – Distortion

Orange buttons – Loops

Theremin – Button activates Theremin. Your hand’s proximity to the top metal plate changes the pitch.
If the range seems wrong, turn on and off the device, making sure your hand is far from the metal plate or the top two metal rods.

Input gain – When a device is plugged into the INPUT jack, the theremin controlled ring mod effect is on. For guitars and quieter devices, turn this switch on.
The theremin button will turn off the effect and activate the normal theremin.

Loop – When on, the orange buttons will play until they are pressed again.